Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership, “It’s the only one
of it’s kind in the United States”.

Vaulted Ceilings in spacious living areas, stacked-stone fireplaces, and large hot tubs all invite you to come in and relax.
• Open-air Lofts
• Linens and Towels Furnished
• Cable TVs
• Entertainment Centers and Pool Tables
• 2-4 Bedroom Log Homes with King and Queen Beds
• Full Kitchens with Dishwashers and Microwaves
• Free High Speed WiFi
• In House Washers and Dryers

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Have you ever gone on vacation with friends or family and decided to split the costs? If so, then you know exactly how Hideaway Hills works. We build single family, detached individual Real Log cabins. Then we split the costs between the individual owners and share the maintenance costs. What you get is real Deeded ownership in a real Log Cabin. If you and your family like to visit the Smoky Mountains every year for a few days or a few weeks then Hideaway Hills can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the cost of rental cabins. Why rent when you can buy for much less money?


Here’s how it works. Hideaway Hills designs, manufactures and builds each real Log cabin. Then we total up the costs and divide it by 52 weeks. Each week of the year is given a monetary value. Christmas week will be valued higher than say a week in the middle of February. You pick the week that suits your needs and pay a one time price for that week. You then own an actual Deeded week in that Log cabin forever! You can transfer ownership of your Deed to your children or your grandchildren or anyone else you choose. Its yours forever! After your one time purchase price the only other costs you see are Homeowners Association Annual Dues and a small cleaning fee each time you use your Log cabin.


Hideaway Hills offers 2, 3, and 4  bedroom Log cabins. You purchase whats right for you. Let’s say you bought a 2 bedroom Log cabin but you want to bring all your relatives this year and will need a 4 bedroom Log cabin. Thats no problem! Through our exclusive Hideaway Hill Exchange Club you can trade your week in your 2 bedroom Log cabin for a 4 bedroom Log cabin. Problem solved! Say you and your spouse own a 4 bedroom Log cabin but, you want to get away for a quiet weekend. No problem! You simply exchange your regular nights and swap for the 2 bedroom cabin. Problem solved!


Each year you as an owner receive points for your annual deeded week. Hideaway Hills keeps a bank of your points and when you make a reservation Hideaway Hills deducts those points from your account. Let’s say you have some extra time and want to stay more nights than you originally purchased. No problem! You simply use special priced owner rental rates reserved just for you and stay longer. Problem solved! The same thing happens when you don’t use all your points. Points expire every two years so if you don’t use them all this year they will roll over to next year and you can use them later.


Interested yet?
Let’s talk about the details, like what does this thing cost?
Purchasing your shared vacation Log cabin is just like purchasing a traditional home or condo. Hideaway Hills lists the homes and the weeks that are available and their suggested asking price. You pick the Log cabin you want and make an offer. Hideaway Hills will then either accept your offer or we will make you a counter offer. Once we both agree on price we arrange for a closing date and handle the financing. You can pay cash , use your own bank or finance through our on site financing company. We offer financing and even interest free financing with a down payment of 50% or greater. Contact one of our Realtors to get more information on availability, financing and current promotions.

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